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This year at the New Zealand Disability support network Project Brave launched their new logo and name. Designed to Umbrella smaller projects that are led by people with disabilities.

Accessible bathroom space led by Bernadette Stewart, Bernadette would like to access her community and go shopping with her friends. It’s been two years since starting this project and there has been a number of trials and tribulations but the group is determined to see this through so that more people and whanau can access and connect with the communities in which they live.

What’s behind the design? Project:Brave word-mark is encircled and supported by abstract arms and hands, depicting collaboration and community. The incorporation of colour in the circle gives a rainbow effect – portraying the hope for change and a world of possibilities. ‘Project’ conveys the professional/stakeholder audience and also depicting strong and courageous voices of those involved. ‘Brave’ is about outcomes for people – not products. The colour way is vital to convey diversity and inspiration. A heart icon has been incorporated as the focal point of the word ‘brave’. The viewers eye is drawn to the warm heart. This key visual element has been adopted to impact viewers hearts

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