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Winners of the Te Pou o te Wakaaro Nui New Zealand Disability Support Network Community Choice Award

The conference this year was attended by Bernadette Stewart and Saffron Mitchell (Kim Simpson) who were successful applicants of a grant from NZDSN to cover an exhibition stand and two conference positions. We couldn’t have attended without the support of Community Living and NZDSN.

This years confrence provided a number of chanllenges for Bernadette, to name a few , an accident on the Auckland motorway, transfer challenges, the Wellington Airport elevator was broken and the weather was significantly disruptive causing flight delays across New Zealand.

Due to the flight delay, Bernadette and Saffron were unable to make it to the NZDSN Award ceremony, together we called in by phone where Bernadette was able to express her delight by phone to the crowd.

NZDSN Community Choice – Sponsored by Te Pou o te Whakaaro Nui

This award recognises those NZDSN members who have initiated, assisted or managed a project, programme or an event that has contributed significantly to developing inclusive communities.

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